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Do you hanker for the clipped tones and precisely enunciated vowels of the Britain of earlier decades? For those days when the BBC used to require proper English from all its newsreaders? If so, then your project calls for a rather talented vintage British male voiceover artist with an old-fashioned British accent from the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s or 1950s! And... you've found him! I can provide a cracking (or crackling!) good recording in the dramatic retro vintage style of Pathe News, or something more amusing if that's what you want.

My rather advanced training - a PhD in the Phonetics of emotional speech and a Masters on English intonation no less! - means I can make the clipped vowels of an old fashioned RP accent with aplomb. That, combined with my technical know-how of audio engineering means I can tinker cleverly to achieve the sound quality typical of the era if that is what you need.

Whether you need e-learning materials, a commercial, training or explainer videos, IVR or on-hold prompts, poetry narration, podcasts, storytelling, children's books, or even YouTube video narration, my voice will be perfect!

So don't delay - Contact me today to place your order!

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