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Hidden Worlds


The History of Mathematics


Museum Narration - Cheddar Man


A large amount of the work I do is long-form documentary-style narration, for factual programmes such as a recent travel documentary on Jamestown, St Helena, which you can view on YouTube, as well as serious philosophical videos exemplified in recent work for The Wisdom Channel, also on YouTube.

As for audiobook narration, long-form work of this sort requires the stamina to complete major projects, as well as the production skills to be able to go back and do corrections ("pickups" in VO parlance) some time later which blend in without being noticeable.

I particularly enjoy projects of this sort as narrating them often entails learning new things and becoming slightly wiser in the process!

Documentary Narration Demos

Travel Documentary: Jamestown, St Helena

The Curious Case of Allan Conroy

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