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Things to think about

Your script: To place your order, please first contact me with your final, proofread script and the best description you can provide of its purpose, intended audience, and how you want it read, including tone, pace, etc., or a short demo recording of part of it. I will then either start work if everything is clear or get back to you if I have any questions. Alternatively, it is sometimes more efficient to meet via a video call for a live directed session, which I will arrange at no extra cost if we think this is best.

The style you want: If you particularly liked one of my demos, or if one of them is the most similar to how you want me to record your script, then it would be very useful to know which one so I can use it as a guide.

Special requirements: If there are any special requirements, such as maximum duration to fit the duration of a video or raw, unprocessed files, please let me know here.

Sound file format: Please specify the format(s) of sound file you would like to receive. (You can have more than one!):
WAV (uncompressed - highest quality, larger file size)
MP3 (compressed - CD quality, smaller file size)
or another sound file format (please specify or provide more details such as bit depth if you have particular technical requirements).

Numbers: Please spell out exactly as you want them said (e.g. "3061": three zero six one, three oh six one, thirty sixty one, three thousand and sixty one or three thousand sixty one).

Unusual words: Please specify pronunciation with respelling or IPA e.g. "Osiris" could be uh-SIGH-riss /əˈsaɪ rɪs/, oh-SIGH-riss /əʊˈsaɪ rɪs/, oh-SI-riss /əʊˈsɪ rɪs/, or uh-SEE-ris /əˈsiː rɪs/. In cases with multiple possible pronunciations, please specify which you want or make an example recording.

Alternative takes: I may read sentences or phrases in more than one way (e.g. emphasising different words or speaking at a different pace). If I do this, would you like me to send these alternative takes "inline", i.e. in the main sound file for you to edit, choosing the versions you want, or as a separate file consisting just of the alternative takes?

Artificial Intelligence: By placing this order you confirm that my recording(s) will not be used in in any way connected with AI including AI training, voice cloning or generation.

Send me an email, with pre-populated headings for these details, at to get started on your project.

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