Terms of Business

Orders & Payment

All prices quoted are pro-rata.

Please place your order by emailing me at richard@richardstibbard.com with your script and instructions. This link will create an email pre-populated with appropriate sections for you to complete.

If we have not worked together before, I may request 50% payment in advance, by BACS for UK clients or IBAN or PayPal for international clients. When you place your order we can discuss your needs and my performance. Upon completion I will send you an invoice for the balance.

Revisions and Refunds

A full refund will be made if it is requested before I have begun work on a project. After recording has taken place, refunds will not normally be offered (but see below).

I will not charge for a retake if it is due to an issue with my read, such as an error in pronunciation or a misreading. However, if changes are made to the script after recording, then I may at my discretion make an additional charge depending on how much more work is needed.

After submission of the completed sound file(s), you have one week to request revisions. If I have not been notified of any problems within one week of delivery of the sound file(s) then the work will be deemed to have been accepted and full payment will be due. Any further changes would then be treated as a new order.

What if I am not satisfied with the result?

Your complete satisfaction is my goal with every job I do, so if my recording is not up to scratch for any reason then you must let me know within one week of delivery of the sound file(s). I will take careful note of your feedback and re-record the project. Hopefully I will produce a result you are delighted with, but if you are still not satisfied then I will process a refund for the full amount paid.

In this case, NO LICENSE IS GRANTED for use of the materials provided and all copies of my recordings must be destroyed.

My workflow

For scripts of 300 words and under I will send you a fully prepared sound file as a delivery. This is for your approval; changes can be made based on your feedback.

For scripts of over 300 words I will send a sample read first, probably several different reading styles of a couple of sentences, so you can check that the pace, accent, etc., are appropriate before I record the whole script. After approval of this sample read an additional charge may be made at my discretion for revisions to my performance based on how much re-recording is needed.

Sample reads

If you would like me to provide a sample read, just send me a short extract from your script and I'll send a sample back as quickly as I can, so you can confirm you are happy with my voice and performance.

Copyright & Intellectual Property

All COPYRIGHTS, INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS, BROADCAST RIGHTS and any other rights associated with the deliverables I provide shall remain with me, Richard Stibbard. Upon full payment of my invoice, the following license is granted for USAGE RIGHTS of the works listed as follows:

LICENSE DETAILS: My works may be used by the client for the period specified on my invoice, upon which time the works must cease to be used, or an additional usage payment equal to the usage payment in the original invoice shall be made. If no period is specified on the invoice then the usage license is granted for ONE YEAR from delivery of the sound file(s). My works may be used only for the agreed product or service and on the particular platforms or media detailed on the invoice, and not in any additional products or services in the future or on any other media, unless otherwise stated on the invoice.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: The use of my recordings in any connection whatsoever with artificial intelligence, text-to-speech generation, synthetic voice models or generation is EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED.

GEOGRAPHICAL LIMITATION ON USE: My recordings may be used only in the geographical region specified in my invoice unless otherwise stated. If no geographical region is stated, then the license specifies that use is limited to the client's country only. The client may not transfer my recordings nor the license granted to any third parties without my written consent.


PROOFREADING: It is your responsibility to ensure that your script is proofread and that its content is accurate and as you wish and also to check the deliverables which I provide for accuracy. If any errors in my reading are discovered, I will re-record at no extra costs as necessary, but I take no responsibility for any errors either in your script or in my recording.

COPYRIGHT: It is solely your responsibility to ensure that material provided by you does not violate any third-party's intellectual property rights, including copyright. I do not assume any liability for any copyright violations as a result of your failure to obtain requisite clearance. By engaging my services you agree to indemnify me against any such liability arising from your violation of the copyright of another person.

LOSSES: I will read the script you supply. I take no responsibility for its contents and will not be held liable for any loss, damage, cost or claim incurred by you or any third-party as a result of any errors or omissions in or content of the script. In no event shall I be held liable for any indirect, consequential, special, incidental or punitive damages arising out of or associated with the use of my voiceover services. This limitation of liability shall apply to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law regardless of whether the damages arose from breach of contract, negligence or any other legal theory. Some jurisdictions do not allow limitation of consequential damages. If the above limitation of liability provision does not apply to you, in no event shall my total liability arising out of or associated with any agreement or your use of my services exceed the lesser of: the amount paid by you to me in the month when the issue first arose, or ten pounds sterling (£10.00 GBP).


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