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E-Learning narration should never be dull! But because it is often densely written and contains a lot of highly specific information, it takes a special skill to make sure that it doesn't SOUND dull when read aloud!

As a former university lecturer I specialised in possibly the two most relevant academic areas there are for voiceover - the meaningful use of intonation in English and the effects of emotional arousal on speech. Thanks to this background, I am extremely capable of delivering e-learning voiceovers in an appropriately lively, friendly and engaging manner.

Even the most technical spoken material benefits from a voice with personality, and my background as a lecturer has given me a great deal of experience at both live public speaking and recorded delivery of educational materials, both of which require the ability to keep the audience engaged and interested for an extended period of time.

You can read more about my academic background in expressive English intonation and emotional arousal in speech here.

I'm not just a reader of other people's scripts, though! I'm a content author and have authored and produced highly successful video tutorials on web development, accurate English pronunciation, and even on how Chinese characters really work. All this means I have the knowledge not just to read, but most likely to understand your script - so hire me to be the voice of your e-learning project!

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