Children's Book Narration

Hans Christian Anderson | The Little Match Girl


Kenneth Grahame | The Wind in the Willows


A.A. Milne | Winnie the Pooh


I have a growing portfolio of children's books available on Audible, produced to ACX standards.

Two are audiobooks by Australian children's author Flip Como, Humpty Doo and the Imperial Carousel and its sequel, Humpty Doo and the Coolabah Gully. Both these books required a large number of (highly entertaining!) character voices in various accents, including several British accents of varying poshness, an American sheriff, a large number of flying Scottish jelly-babies, a Welsh trader, a quartet of clowns with various West Country accents, and a rather Monty-Python-ish scorpion.

More sedate, and for a younger age, is Ella Evie and Mr Snowflake by prolific writer Colin J. Galtrey, a touching tale of how Ella Evie had to say goodbye (until next year at least) to her snowman.

In long-form narration of this sort, I see myself as an entertainer and storyteller, and am guided in this by my background in the meaningful use of intonation in English as well as my extensive studies of the effects of emotional arousal on speech. You can read more about how my academic background underpins all my voiceover work on this page.

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