My rates are based on my Basic Studio Fee (BSF) of £200.00 GBP. No VAT is payable. This fee covers a one-hour session for recording and editing as required. I will provide fully-finished sound files with all necessary editing, breath removal or reduction and processing carried out, delivered in the sound file format requested (usually .wav or .mp3 but any other format is available). Further recording/editing will be charged at £40.00 GBP per hour.

Most small projects are covered by the BSF, but a usage fee is applicable where projects are to be used for paid advertising, public broadcast, TV and radio.

Television commercial rates for the UK can be calculated using the Usefee calculator.

E-Learning voiceover is charged per word, at 30p per word, and includes timed audio sync and split files. The minimum order amount is £200 GBP.

Medical explainer voiceovers are charged at 40p per word. The minimum order amount is £200 GBP.

Most other explainer or corporate (internal) videos can be narrated at my BSF rate with no extra charge for usage rights.

Rates for almost all other projects can be calculated using the Gravy for the Brain rate calculator. For smaller projects, fees are negotiable.

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